Some Cleveland Police officers who went above and beyond to save a dog's life, are set to be honored for their actions.

Officers Sean Coleman, Eric Hageman, Dan O’Malley, Ken Ryan and Detective Sean Smith were Edna Sutton's answered prayer when they pulled up and found Edna

"Visibly shaken, saying her dog Daphne had fallen in the sewer," said Officer Ryan.

"I just heard this big splash and I couldn't see her and I panicked,” says Sutton.

Ryan says “Daphne was on a rock and the water was just flying past her."

Edna, from her wheelchair, did all she could from above.

"I told Daph I don’t know where you are or if you can hear me, but mom’s right here and I'm not going to leave you," said Sutton.

In goes Cleveland Police Detective Sean Smith. He pried off the manhole cover and headed right down that stinky storm drain.

“He comes up that ladder with that stinky wet dog tucked under his arm, she’s covered in sewer water and shaking, and we’re cheering," says Ryan.

"We had to give her a bath too, she was filthy. My truck still stinks and I don’t have those clothes anymore, but it was so worth it," Smith smiles.

Today Daphne is a resilient fluff ball that looks no worse for the wear…18 years old, blind and deaf, Edna snuggles up to her and says “This is like a marriage. Till till death do us part. That’s my love. A lot of days she's the reason I get up when I don't feel like it because I know she needs me."

Here’s the story within this story:

Why Edna is unable to walk on her own is a story even her heroes in blue don't know.

Edna is a victim of domestic violence..

"He beat me pretty bad. During the fight he punched me and I went backwards through a second story window and broke my neck," explains Sutton.

And the story of Daphne's rescue leads us to her mom’s own story of resilience and revival.

"I'm trying to live. This is MY SECOND CHANCE. Before my accident I was miserable. I didn’t love myself and I fell out a window and fell in love with myself. I know it sounds crazy, but I did and I learned how to respect me and to love me, and I look forward to every day," says Sutton.

More days with Daphne because of good hearted Cleveland Police Officers who went above and beyond, particularly a stranger named Sean Smith.

“Our hero. He came out, no questions asked with a screw driver and a hammer! Crawled down there with no hesitation and got my baby out! I feel there is good and bad in everything and the police are getting so hammered and this is something positive they did great for me, wonderful, they stepped up when I was told nobody cared nobody would help me but they did."