CLEVELAND — The Brunswick Police Department is seeking help from the public in locating the owner of a blind English Bulldog that was found and rescued after it got stuck near a window on Wednesday morning.

Brunswick Police officials took to Facebook after the rescue and shared several photos of the dog and asked for assistance in locating the owner of the canine.

“This canine was found stuck in a window well in the 400 block of Westchester Drive, 02/12/2020,” the post read. “If you are the owner, know the owner or have any other information, please contact animal control at 330-225-9111 or you can email them at Thank you for your assistance.”

In just four hours, the Brunswick Police Department’s Facebook post generated more than 100 reactions, as well as 33 comments and 384 shares.

“This poor baby,” one poster wrote. “I’m sure blind, trying to find its way home. So sad. Hope the owners are found.”

Another user added, “Poor thing! Stuck in a window well! This guy is in need of medical attention. Hope he gets the love he deserves.”’

Many more Facebook users expressed their concerns over the dog’s health and well-being.

“Aww, I wish folks would look into the care these guys need before getting them,” a third user posted. “They often have allergies (skin) and need eye surgery. My friend had one and she took wonderful care of him.”

Another wrote, “Oh, my goodness. I hope he has a loving home or finds one. Praying for the sweet guy.”