Elyria, OH — ELYRIA, Ohio -- Whether they come from abusive situations, abandoned or just in need of a home, many animals end up at Friendship Animal Protective League in Elyria every day.

Just recently, a humane case sent more than 20 Cane Corsos to the shelter in a matter of hours.

Unfortunately, that's not uncommon.

"The fact of the matter is if there's animals that are put in harm's way, we will find a way to make room for those animals," Greg Willey, executive director, said.

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Getting homes for the animals being housed at the shelter is priority so that when humane cases come up there's room to take the animals in, but there's more to it.

"When you get those shelters that are overcrowded, it leads to more disease, it leads to more problematic things and worst of all it leads to euthanasia," Willey said.

It's the snowball effect.

There are a few solutions to those looming problems, though. Adoption being the easiest because even the best shelters are not as good as a home.

That's why WKYC is helping to Clear the Shelters this Saturday to support local shelters and help unite potential pet owners to their new best friend.

For information on which pets are available and how you can help beyond the Clear the Shelters event, visit this Web site.