Channel 3 is again partnering with the Cleveland Animal Protective League for the 8th Annual Fur-Get-Me-Not Telethon on March 28, 2019.

Taking place from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., the telethon brings the community together and inspires viewers to help the thousands of animals that will come through the Cleveland APL's doors this year.

Join us throughout the day as we present stories showcasing the diverse and meaningful work the APL does to rescue, heal, nurture, adopt, and advocate for animals in need. Thanks to our viewers' generosity, our previous telethons have raised more than $275,000 and led to the direct adoption of over 150 animals. All funds raised by the telethon benefit the Cleveland APL. We also want to give a big shout out to the law firm of Cavitch Familo & Durkin for coming on board as the main sponsor of this year's telethon.

If you can't watch the telethon but want to make a difference in the lives of neglected and abused pets, you can donate now by clicking here or calling 216-566-PETS.

So just how are those donations spent? Meet some furry friends who've benefited from the generosity of past donations and the excellent care provided by the Cleveland APL and their staff.

Forest, an adorable 2-year-old Labrador Retriever/Rat Terrier mix, didn’t have the greatest start in life. He was found by our Humane Agents tethered outdoors on an extremely hot day. He was on a short chain, had no access to water or food, and could not take shelter from the hot sun. He was dirty and covered in painful fly bites. Our Humane Investigations team brought Forest into the shelter where our veterinary team went to work, examining him and planning a course of treatment for his itchy skin. Thankfully, this poor dog was otherwise healthy and was quickly available for adoption. Less than a month after coming to us, Forest found a new, loving family to call his own. They say he has brought so much joy to their home.

Cleveland APL

Samson, a Newfoundland/Border Collie mix, was brought to the APL after his adopters learned he didn’t get along with their other dog. He had been adopted from another shelter and when they were unable to take him back, we were here to help him. During his stay with us, we determined he had heartworm and he stayed with us for a month as he went through the uncomfortable treatment. When he was finally healthy, Samson was moved to our adoption floor and within hours had found his new mom!

Cleveland APL

Walter, the adorable kitty cat, was trying to survive outdoors when he was found by a Good Samaritan one winter day. She brought him out of the cold and surrendered him to the APL. Walter was matted, had a fractured canine tooth, and had Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which meant a compromised immune system. Our team shaved his mats, removed his broken tooth and for two months, gave him much needed love and care. Now Walter lives with his new mom and couldn’t imagine spending another winter outdoors.

Cleveland APL

Pebble and Elsa were brought to the Cleveland APL by a Good Samaritan who found them living on the street with their mom and six siblings. These two sweet kittens were just too small to stay at the shelter and were sent to the home of a loving Cleveland APL Foster Volunteer to gain weight—and they did just that! After a month in foster care, they were finally big enough and ready for adoption. Now, Pebble and Elsa are enjoying life with their new families.

Pebble and Elsa
Cleveland APL

Bernadino, the handsome Labrador Retriever mix, was brought to the Cleveland APL by our Humane Investigators after receiving a report that he was living outdoors without enough food. When he arrived at the APL, our team realized that Bernadino may have spent most of his life outdoors—he did not know how to walk on a leash and was very frightened in the shelter. Our wonderful staff and volunteers set to work, spending time with Bernadino every day, teaching him how to walk on a leash and showing him the love he deserved, until he finally began to open up and was ready to go up for adoption. Just one month after coming to the APL, Bernadino was adopted!

Cleveland APL

Bulbasaur was rescued by our humane investigators along with 21 other cats from a hoarding situation. Bulbasaur, like many of the cats who came in with him, was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and was very congested. While this is concerning for all cats, it is even more concerning for short nosed cats like Bulbasaur and his friends because of the constricted structure of their nasal passages. Bulbasaur went to the home of a loving APL Foster Volunteer, where he received daily care until he was feeling better and could find a loving home. A month after his arrival at the APL, Bulbasaur’s new mom saw his photo on the APL website and knew he was the missing part of her family!

Cleveland APL

Please make a difference and helping other unwanted and abandoned pets find their forever homes.  Join us for the 8th annual Fur-Get-Me-Not Telethon on Thursday March 28.