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Tips to keep your pets safe during the holidays

The American Kennel Club warns of the dangers that can impact your dog during the holidays.

CLEVELAND — The holidays are a fun time to spend with family, friends and of course, pets!

But your pets can be in danger if you don't look out for them. To keep your dog safe during the holidays consider these dangers:

  • Food for decorations: Popcorn and cranberries that may be used for decorating may be hazardous to your dog, because they can be a choking hazard.
  • Shiny decorations: Tinsel, glass ornaments and glass bulbs can injure pets.
  • Holiday plants: Mistletoe and holly are poisonous if eaten. Poinsettias can upset a dog's stomach and Christmas trees can fall on pets if not properly anchored.
  • Holiday food: Common holiday foods like chocolate, butter, turkey skin, fat and candy can make dogs very ill. Keep these foods out of Fido's reach.
  • Create a safe space for your dog: Noise and commotion during the holidays can be overwhelming for some pets. There should be a safe quiet room where your dog can retreat.

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