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Local business gets 'the scoop' on outdoor spring cleaning

The Poop Dudes will do the dirty work after your dog does his!

UNIONTOWN, Ohio — Signs of spring abound, like seeing the first robin of the year. Tulips and daffodils are pushing through the soil, reaching for the Sun. 

Once the snow melts, dog owners may see another welcome sign of spring: The Poop Dudes. 

"The second it melts, we're out here making sure their yard is landmine-free." says Josh Shoaff, owner of the pet waste removal company. 

The idea for the unique business came to him from a customer of his other venture, a window and power washing company. 

"She is the sweetest, the sweetest lady in the world and she was embarrassed because she didn't want us to powerwash her house because she didn't have anybody to clean up her dog waste," Shoaff explains.

The two-man Poop Dude crew work in a grid pattern, their keen eyes scanning the ground as they look for rover rolls. The cost of each job depends on the size of the dogs they're cleaning up after. 

Not picking up pet waste is a huge problem. 

"Nobody wants to see that. Nobody wants to step on it. And nobody wants to mow over it when they're mowing their lawn," says Amy Roskilly, Conservation Education Manager for the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District. 

The related bacteria from dog feces can wash into local waterways, fouling the water. 

"One dog isn't going to take down a waterway and make us sick, but there are 90,000 dogs registered in Cuyahoga County alone. That's a lot of dogs which means there's a lot of you-know-what," Roskilly adds.

A lot of potential work for the Poop Dudes. 

The owners of the two bull mastiffs that call the yard they cleaned "home" love the service. On this day, They Poop Dudes scooped up two five gallon buckets of yard bombs in around fifteen minutes. 

Obviously, The Poop Dudes would rather work in the cold than the heat. Josh says, "As it warms up, it's going to get a little sloshier, a little nastier." 

I sure am glad I have a little beagle. 

Click here for more information on The Poop Dudes. 

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