Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most difficult things an owner can experience. However, a local veterinarian is trying to make the process easier on families and the pet.

Dr.Kim Parker is a veterinarian at West Park Animal Hospital. She founded the company A Gentle Farewell - an at home euthanasia service- in 2012. The only one like its kind in Ohio, A Gentle Farewell provides peace and comfort in a beloved pet's last moments.

"At home anyone can be around when they want they can have family members, extended family, other pets can be around to take part in the process and better understanding what's happening as their pet passes," said Dr. Parker.

Her service will take the pet and arrange the cremation. The company covers all of northeast Ohio, from Port Clinton to Ashtabula and south to Ashland and Youngstown. And yes, it will costs more than a visit to the vet based on distance and size of your pet, but peace of mind and comfort is priceless to many families.

For the families that must use the vet clinic, Animal Clinic Northview in North Ridgeville has a room dedicated to those saying goodbye.

“We have incorporated a special room that has it's own entrance in and out of the building when people are in a time of grief the last thing they want to do is marching thru a lobby,” said Dr. Hutchison of the Animal Clinic in North Ridgeville.

The room is less sterile than an exam room, has a loveseat and cremation services are done on site.

“It's never an easy decision and the pain and grief are very real, but it's important to know more comfortable ways to say goodbye are available when the time comes,” Dr. Hutchison said.

A Gentle Farewell made nearly 600 home visits this year. For more information on their services, click here.