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Look at her go! Roxy takes on agility course in Wags 4 Warriors service dog training

Good girl, Roxy!

CLEVELAND — We've reached a new step in Roxy's training to become paired with a veteran as a Wags 4 Warriors service dog.

She's now taking on agility obstacle courses.

"We have our own agility room in the training center, and she gets so excited to go in there," says Roxy's handler, Kayla DeLorenzo. "It's so much fun for her just to go on all the different little courses. She gets so excited to go in there and play around."

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DeLorenzo says it's these obstacles that help her gain confidence and trust.

So what else is new with Roxy?

"She is just growing and growing. She is loving every minute of being here."

She's also become quite the star as fans are starting to recognize her around Northeast Ohio.

"She's really loving going everywhere."

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