LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- Greg Murray has always had the artistic bone, but for 10 years it was hidden in the business world.

“I always kind of had that inkling that I really wanted to be an artist," Murray said. "I picked up photography in 2009, and now I’m a full-time animal photographer.”

Murray's artistic bone was an easy idea. He started snapping pictures of drooling, photogenic dogs trying to lick peanut butter off of their nose.

“One thing led to another. It went viral all over the world, and I got a book deal.”

That little trick to get dogs to smile, turned into a hit with viewers all around the world with gobs of Web sites posting the photos.

There's also a book -- appropriately titled Peanut Butter Dogs -- that's already sold out of the original 3,000 prints, and in a second phase of printing before it's even been released.

“People need a good laugh. People need to smile. People love animals. I never imagined I would get called by the Today show or Huffington Post or the Daily Mail in England. It was pretty wild.

The book is out March 14.

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