We know so many of you out there love your dogs like family members.

We get it.

So with all this talk about dog flu and all the fear out there, let’s separate fact from fear.

Veterinarian Dr. Scott Pawling of Brunswick Animal Hospital says there are 2 strains of respiratory dog flu floating around out there.

The signs?

Much like symptoms we have with the flu. Coughing, sneezing, fever, nasal discharge and lethargy"

Dr. Pawling says dog flu is contagious and transferred dog to dog.

The good news? With the vaccine Pawling gives to as many as half his clients daily now, he says dog flu is “100% preventable."

It’s 1 shot for each of the 2 strains. The 2 shots are given a week apart and protects your dog for a year for about 65 bucks.

An investment worth considering when vets are seeing more dog flu cases with more dogs on the move traveling with their owners, and up close and personal with other dogs.

Pawling says the demand for the vaccine is up because it’s actually required now in some boarding and doggy daycare facilities, agility sporting events and training classes.

“it’s not highly fatal but it can be in certain dogs. It can turn into pneumonia and can get them much sicker if they aren't taken care of," Pawling says, “But again, it is preventable with vaccines."