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Ready Pet Go! 3News launches weekly series about our furry friends and the humans who love them

Tune into GO! every Wednesday morning for the latest pet trends, new places to go, training tips and advice on how to enrich the lives of you and your pets.

CLEVELAND — Dogs? We've got them! Cats? Well, of course! How about bunnies, birds or even bullfrogs? Say no more...

If there's a pet occupying a place in your heart, we've got you covered! 

Every Wednesday morning on GO! we are sharing new trends, places to go, training tips, health news and advice to help enrich the lives of Northeast Ohio pets -- and their parents, too! 

We hope you join us for Ready Pet Go! in the next few weeks as we show you how to make the most out of those walks. Ever hear of a "sniffari"?

"It lowers heart rate, lowers respiration rate and lowers cortisol levels so that stress levels go down," explains Valarie Ross, co-owner of Sits 'n Wiggles Dog Training. We'll show you the few things you will need to head out on a "sniffari" and why they are so beneficial for your dog and its behavior!

Also, there's a lot going on in health care for our pets. We will show you what's new in veterinary care and the one thing your vets wish you would rethink!

"Some people get very offended and some people get very angry and will sit and argue," shared Dr. Sharmyn Clark. 

That's a tease! We will hear what she has to say later in April. 

Plus, we hope it never happens, but we've got an expert's advice on how to improve your odds off finding a lost pet.

"There are a hundred different Facebook sites right now, posting them up on social media is key at this point and tantamount to finding your animal," said Greg Willey, Executive Director of Friendship APL

And it's not just where you post, but how you look. Willey will walk us through a number of things you can do to find that beloved animal.

Wrapped up in our mission is to connect pets in need of forever homes, with families that will love them. Every month we will feature adoptable pets from right here in Northeast Ohio! 

And that's just the beginning! 

You ready? Got your pet? Let's go and find out together, how we can become the best humans our furry friends deserve!


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