CLEVELAND — Roxy is doing just fine.

After a little playtime accident when meeting another dog, Roxy had to get seven stitches in her ear.

"They were just so excited to meet each other," said Roxy's handler, Kayla DeLorenzo. "It was just a meet gone wrong."

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Roxy handled it like a true champ.

"We went to go get stitches and she's like, 'I'm fine. What do you mean?' She was wagging her tail. She was so happy."

She had the stitches removed Monday.

"She did so great getting them out, and she did great the whole time she had the stitches. She just wanted to play."

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So what's next in her training to become a service dog?

"Now we're going to get back to training," DeLorenzo explained. "It's a lot of going out in public right now because she needs to be able to ignore distractions."

DeLorenzo says Roxy will be paired with a veteran soon.

"Even when she goes to the veteran, they're still going to do work together. Anytime. she's ready anytime."

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