CLEVELAND — We've missed you, Roxy!

After a few weeks away to heal from spay surgery, our Wags 4 Warriors pup returned to Channel 3 Tuesday morning -- and it was so great to have her back.

Her handler, Kayla DeLorenzo, said Roxy did just fine with the surgery.

“She did really well," DeLorenzo said. "She didn’t even act like she was in pain at all. She just wanted to get back to playing, so I think that was the hardest part about her recovery time. She just wanted to play.”

Now, she's one step closer to being paired with a veteran.

“When my family fosters, we tend to have them for longer," DeLorenzo said. "It just depends on what the need is for the puppy. A lot of other people, if somebody was to volunteer their time to foster, it probably wouldn’t be as long as this. Probably just a couple months just to get the potty training going and to get them started into training. Then we’ll eventually find a veteran from there. Definitely not this long of a process. She’s special.”

Roxy healing after spay surgery

But what does it take to become a handler?

“You just have to be compassionate with the dogs," DeLorenzo said. "You have to just know your boundaries with fostering a dog. Having your own dog and fostering a dog are two completely different things.”

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