CLEVELAND — It was a big night for Roxy.

Our Wags 4 Warriors service dog in training was asked to drop the puck at Sunday's Cleveland Monsters game as part of the team’s Pucks and Paws event. 

It was a huge honor for our pup and another big step in her training.   

Roxy and her handler, Kayla DeLorenzo, arrived early to get some puck practice in. 

She had plenty of furry company at the Q with nearly 600 dogs also in attendance with their humans to raise money for the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

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On cue, Roxy and DeLorenzo walked out onto the ice where she had some fun dropping the puck and picking it back up again.

Coming to the Q, experiencing the lights, sounds and crowd noise is all an important part of Roxy’s training.

“It’s really important to come to events and be around lots of people," DeLorenzo said. "It’s just really important for her not to be tested by anything. So, going to events is really important."

How did she think Roxy performed?

“Roxy did really well. She put the puck in her mouth. She just wanted to play with it though. She really had fun with it. She really liked the puck."

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The Q isn’t the only place Roxy has gone lately. You might see her at places like Home Depot or Starbucks where she enjoys a Puppuccino.

"We are just taking her to places where other pets are allowed to go.”

Roxy is starting to wear her vest more. She is learning that when the vest is on, it’s time for her to work. 

You might start seeing Roxy out and about, too. So, what should you do? 

“She is not supposed to go up to people and socialize. If anyone does want to come and say hi, just ask first," DeLorenzo explained.

Congratulations to Monsters Hockey for their great event on Sunday and to everyone who turned out. The Cleveland APL is getting a $3,600 donation thanks to Pucks and Paws.

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