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Teaching Roxy to turn on a light switch: Next step in Wags 4 Warriors service training

Good girl, Roxy!

CLEVELAND — Roxy, our pup in training, is making great progress in becoming a Wags 4 Warriors service dog.

She has all the basics down, like “front” and “block,” which are the foundation to her future as a service dog.

Now, Roxy is adding a few more skills to her list.

“When we go to a door, she’s not supposed to go first,” handler Kayla DeLorenzo explains. “We have her sit, then I will open the door and I say ‘OK’ to her and she will start to follow. That’s her release to follow me through the door. She is doing really well with that. She has perfected that one.

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Roxy is ready for her next challenge: Learning how to turn on a light switch.

“In the training center, we have a post and it has a light switch on it with a light on top. We are going to start having her turn on the lights. It’s very helpful for when veterans are having a nightmare. If they need the light turned on, the dog will know how to do it.

Good girl, Roxy!

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