CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio — Dogs are kind of like people.

They get older, the have issues and they need medical care.

But there's one growing method that's got dogs -- and doctors -- perking up: CBD.

Although it is still not legal for veterinarians to prescribe in any state, it is still being sold.

"We have no accurate dosages, we have no way to know exactly what might be in the bottle or the biscuit because there's nothing to back it up," said Dr. Carol Osborne, a veterinarian in Chagrin Falls. "Nobody's going to enforce or check that because its status is extremely questionable."

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Dr. Osborne says buyers should beware.

"What I've noticed in these cases in particular is the number of seizures the dog's experiencing is going up instead of going down. That's a prime example that I can share with you as a vet when you really don't know what's in that bottle."

In 2018, the University of Cornell finished a study with CBD oil and dogs with arthritis. They found more than 80 percent of the dogs taking the oil showed "significant improvement in pain levels and quality of life."

Dr. Osborne said research like this are "very positive."

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