OREGON, Ohio — After getting a dog, the last thing you'd want it to do is that what happened to the Adams family. They had a little furry companion named Reese that ran away six years ago.

They never lost hope that Reese would come back.

Reese is a boxer that is now 7 years old. 

The owner, Roger Adams, had gotten the dog for his grandchildren in 2013 and six months later he ran away. 

They had searched for Reese and called shelters but didn't hear anything until they received notification from the Lucas County Canine Care and Control (LCCCC) six years later. 

Adams said he never expected this to happen.

"You can see, tears.... wow... happiness... just thank the good Lord, he's the only one that could do it; without him, he [Reese] wouldn't be here," Adams said.

Adams was crying as he was telling about the reunion.

He said they always hoped they would find him someday or he'd find his way back home.

When Adams has gotten Reese, he put a microchip in for tracking and he knew it would help to find the dog if we was ever dropped at a shelter.

The microchip is exactly how LCCCC contacted him. 

Reese was found by people who saw him roaming on the streets and they dropped him at shelter. There, employees and volunteers found the microchip and were able to contact Roger.