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Wags 4 Warriors: How soon will Roxy be paired with a veteran?

Roxy will soon be spayed in preparation for the next step in her life as a service dog.

CLEVELAND — Roxy is on the road to becoming the next Wags 4 Warriors service dog.

"We just need to find the right fit for her," said Roxy's handler, Kayla DeLorenzo.

That pairing with a veteran could happen soon.

"Once we get her spayed then we can definitely start looking as to who she's going to go with."

DeLorenzo said they are making an appointment to have Roxy spayed in the days ahead, which will put her in "recovery mode" for about two weeks.

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"We like to do that before going to the veteran to get the stress out of the way. It’s already a lot of stress just going to a different home, so we like to get them spayed ahead of time."

So what's the latest update in her training?

"We’re working on circling," DeLorenzo explained. "When the veteran is in a large crowd and she can tell a panic attack is going to come on, she’ll learn how to circle so the crowd backs away."

Roxy is also still working on the task of turning on a light switch.

"It’s good for the dogs to learn how to turn on a light switch. It startles them [their veteran] awake and gets out of the nightmare zone."

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