The Portage Animal Protective League is warning pet owners about leaving their animals out in the cold after the organization seized three dogs from freezing temperatures earlier this week.

In a Facebook post, the Portage APL detailed how the dogs were shivering in 2-degree wind chill temperatures lacking shelter and water. Those present say they waited an hour for the owner to "do the right thing" and bring the dogs inside, but a humane officer eventually had to take them away.

"Animals can die in this weather," the post added. "These dogs have never lived indoors and so, they spent their very first night indoors, with blankets, water and yummy food."

The charity says the dogs are not yet available for adoption. Donations to the Portage APL can be made here.

Following the incident, WKYC decided to take a closer look at the dangers of leaving pets out in the cold. We found out that this week alone between Monday and Wednesday, the Cleveland APL received 18 calls regarding pets left outside in the freezing temperatures. One was removed from its home, but most of the time warnings are issued to owners.

Dogs left outside for extended periods of time have specific shelter needs: It must be slightly above the ground, a dry surface animals cannot freeze to, and some sort of flap to guard against the wind.

However, the best thing to do is to leave your dogs inside.