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Winter safety tips every dog owner should know

Roxy, our Wags 4 Warriors dog in training, visited our studios with her handler to share some important reminders on winter safety for pets.

CLEVELAND — Winter hasn’t even officially started yet, but we’ve already seen some accumulating snow.

While that means winterizing your property and preparing yourself for the months of bitterly cold temperatures, there are also important things to remember with your pets.

Roxy, our Wags 4 Warriors pup in training, dropped by 3News Tuesday morning with her handler, Kayla DeLorenzo, with some winter safety tips every dog owner needs to know.

“There is salt everywhere on the roads and sidewalks,” DeLorenzo said. “I would definitely implement getting a pet-safe salt. It’s a different color, like a purple tint, so you can tell that it’s pet-safe. I would definitely get that around your house and neighborhood.”

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DeLorenzo said dog booties are also a good idea, along with pet-safe wipes to clean off those wintry paws.

“The wipes would be if you do walk your dog on salt. You definitely want to wipe it off because they can get chemical burns. If they do lick it and try to get it off, it can be toxic to them.”

And for the cold weather, please please please please please don’t leave your pet outside. If you do take them outdoors for a walk, you can keep them warm with a sweater.

“I would definitely advise getting a sweater to put under the vest if your dog does get cold. A Husky is probably not going to need it, but some other animals might.”