CLEVELAND — When it comes to getting a good manicure it’s all about the nail technician. One Cleveland woman decided that press-on nails is the way to go.

“If you’re a girl that’s on the go, Pressed is for you.” said Alannah Harper

From bling nails to the simple French tips, there’s always something to design.

“I do love bringing out people’s personality through nails,” Harper said.

Harper has been in the nail industry for seven plus years, and tells us it’s all about timing. That’s why she created her nail line -- Pressed -- for the girl always on the go.

The press-on nails are very convenient, and they don’t damage your natural nails. You can also wear them up to three times.

“I can throw these on Friday night and pop them off Monday morning, so it’s like you get the best of both worlds."

You can find Alannah Harper's best designs on Instagram @nailsbylanni.