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Hollie Strano shares the comfort of her grandmother's chicken soup: Secret Recipe

3News Meteorologist Hollie Strano shares how her grandma's chicken soup recipe has helped comfort her as she found strength to open up on her anxiety.

Everyone has a special family recipe. That favorite go-to dish when they crave feelings of comfort, nostalgia and love. And, every family faces their own challenges. Struggles such as mental illness, addiction, financial strain and loss are universal. They touch families from all walks of life.

Food brings people together, and as we are invited into a family’s home to cook a special meal, we will also have an intimate and honest conversation about the real struggles this family is facing. 

By sharing real stories and opening up, other families can relate, learn, and feel a little less lonely.

Every family has a secret recipe and every family has a secret. This is Secret Recipe. 

Scroll to the bottom of this story for the recipe and an extended version of this interview.

The following was written by Hollie Strano, who has spent the past year opening up to viewers on her mental health battles.

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Not even a year ago, I opened up to you about my anxiety that was thrown into severe levels due to personal traumatic life events that happened to me over two years ago. 

It was so hard to open up. I felt so vulnerable. But my sole purpose in doing so was to help even just one of you. 

The outpouring has been incredibly overwhelming to this day. Thank you for sharing your stories. Our voices are making a difference and I'm proud to share this update on my own progress.  

Once again this was hard. It was so hard. I pray I continue to help you on your own journeys.

Recipe: Joni's Chicken Soup

Credit: WKYC

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