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The secrets to finding more joy: How to be a happy person

Austin Love sat down with life coach Ann Richards to find how we can all be happier in our lives.

Finding joy this time of year may be difficult for some. The days are shorter, the Browns are losing and soon Northeast Ohio will look more like Antarctica. 

With this in mind, how can we remain positive? 

According to life coach Ann Richards, there are simple steps you can take to be more joyful. 

The first step, understand finding joy is a choice. 

"Get up with an intention to finding joy in your life," Richards says. 'Whether it be walking or running, swimming, biking, that changes you." 

Next, do something you love every day, even if it's just for a short time. 

"Hopefully that's something involved in your occupation. If it's not, it's a hobby like gardening or cooking." 

Third, surround yourself with positivity. 

"People can really lift you up or they can tear you down," she says. "It's a choice. Who are those people that you welcome into your world." 

Finally, give! Richards' secret to living, is giving.

"If you're not feeling great about yourself, do something for someone else. It will change you." 

You can hear more from Richards on her podcast called P.E.P. Talks on Apple Podcasts.