CLEVELAND -- Whether it's something they don't like, something that doesn't fit, or something they can't use, one in three gifts will be returned this holiday season. So, before you spend money on someone, or yourself, you should know which stores are going to be naughty when it comes to getting your money back, and which ones will be nice.

Some retailers don't look so favorably on returns. And even though this has been a blockbuster shopping season so far...those returns cut into their bottom line.

So, we worked with finance website to find stores with the best and worst return policies.

Katie Wudel, Deputy Editor of Content says, "It's not just about the mechanics of ‘when can I turn this in?’ It's also, if they have a policy like that, they're really invested in you the consumer. They care about their customers."

Topping their list: Kohl's. You get 16 months to return most items, and you don't need a receipt. Although without one, you only get a store credit.

Then there's Home Depot, where you can return most unopened items up to 90 days. And up to one year if you use their store card.

And like Kohl’s, without a receipt, you'll get a gift card.

Home Depot is one of Katie’s favorite picks because, she says, "When it comes to the type of things you're buying at Home Depot, you may need a little more time. You're not just gonna make a bunch of repairs in the middle of the winter."

On the naughty list: Apple.

Typically, it's 14 days for returns, and only on some items.

For the holidays, anything bought mid- November through Christmas, you have until January 8th.

Even with a gift receipt, no refunds. Instead, it's an Apple Gift Card.

Then there's Best Buy. They also have an extension through the holidays. Still, some items bought in November and December can only be returned through January 12. Typically, it's 2 weeks.

If you're an 'Elite' member, it's a little longer. But many items have that restocking fee, up to 15%.

Katie tells us, "If you return items like phones or cameras, and when you go to Best Buy, what else are you going to buy there except items like that?”

And be careful if you're one of those people who make a lot of returns. Tens of thousands of stores are tracking your habits and give you a "risk" score. Take too many things back…they may deny you the next time you try.

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