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Did you know: Amazon will hide your packages to prevent theft

You can get one step ahead of porch pirates by conspiring with your delivery company to hide your goodies.

Millions of packages are stolen upon delivery every year.

During the holiday season, so-called porch pirates scour local neighborhoods yanking gifts from peoples’ property. But now, you can get one step ahead of the bad guys by conspiring with your delivery company to hide your goodies.

In 2016, more than 11 million packages were stolen off of doorsteps according to Business Wire. Most of those deliveries were taken during the day. Sitting in plain sight from the road increases the chances your item will be stolen.

But did you know Amazon has an option to help you outsmart those sneaky porch pirates and keep your packages discreet?

After you complete an Amazon order, see if it’s being delivered by Amazon Logistics. If it is, you can give specific delivery instructions in the "My Orders" section.

You can leave a detailed note about where to drop your package: behind the garbage bin, in a bush or under the grill cover.

Amazon also has a "Photo On Delivery" option that sends you a picture of your item when it arrives.

If another company like FedEx or UPS is delivering your Amazon order, you’ll have to coordinate with them directly if you want your box placed in a special spot. However, Amazon is handling more orders these days with its own delivery service. Amazon’s subcontractors and independent contractors are making it easier to pass personal delivery messages and get your package in the exact way you want.

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