Cyber Monday is a huge day for online shoppers to pick up great deals. New numbers out Monday evening show Black Friday deal hunters already spent a record $5 billion dollars online. Brick and Mortar sales are expected to be around three billion. But we found some interesting trends this season in store policies and what people are buying, starting with guns.

Bullseye for Gun Sales
Dealers hit the bullseye this Black Friday, setting a new record for sales.

The FBI says it processed 203,086 background checks on the 24th. That’s up nearly 10% from last year, which was also a record high.

Now gun checks don't represent how many guns were actually sold. That number is probably higher since approved buyers can buy multiple firearms in one transaction. But his surge comes just days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a sweeping review of the system. He's trying to find out how that court-martialed Air Force veteran was able to buy a rifle. One he used to kill 25 people inside a Texas church earlier this month.

Now what's really interesting about this is, Black Friday is typically a big day for gun sales, but sales have been down ever since President Trump took office. So it would be interesting to know just how much the Sessions move played into this.

Cyber Monday. Cyber Crime
And there should be even more sales today, because you can buy also buy them online. And that means gun buyers are not going to be immune from something that will affect a lot of people this Cyber Monday....Cyber Crime.

Cyber attacks increase by about forty percent on Cyber Monday according to Open VPN, which is a tech company. Shoppers are expected to spend a record $6.6 billion dollars today, so it's open season for thieves.

Some easy ways to protect yourself:
-Make sure all of your devices are password protected
-When you log into a site, change your settings to require what's called a two-factor or two-step verification. That usually involves the site sending a code to your device so you can log in.
-Also, don't use unsecured Wi-Fi Networks like at Starbucks or the airport. That's the easiest way for thieves to intercept your information.

We’re somewhat lucky here in Ohio. We rank 38th in terms of Cyber Crime. The people most likely to be victims are men ages 50 to 59.

From DoorBuster to DealBuster
There's something else about this shopping holiday that is probably going to shock a lot of people Some of the big stores have temporarily eliminated price matching guarantees, and the only way to find out is to look at the fine print on their website.

Target, for example, is suspending price matching for anything bought from Thanksgiving through this entire week.

Best Buy, Walmart, and Toys “R” Us also won't price match for purchases from Thanksgiving through this Tuesday.

And Sears won't resume price matching until Thursday.