There’s a new way to use your “perks” at Giant Eagle grocery stores.

The grocery chain is testing out a new program in the Akron-Canton area, launched last week, that will allow shoppers to decide how they want to use their loyalty points. Giant Eagle is beefing it’s “fuelperks” program to “fuelperks+”. For shoppers, it means instead of simply redeeming your perks for a discount on gas, shoppers can get up to 20 percent off their entire grocery bill.

“In competitive times, we’re always looking for ways for the consumer to save more,” said Brian Ferrier, regional vice-president of operations. “We believe that giving folks the option to save on food or fuel, or both, that we are in a better position to meet their needs as their hometown grocer in Akron-Canton.”

So here’s how it works.

  • Earn one perk for every dollar spent on groceries.
  • Earn two perks for every gallon of gas at a GetGo station.
  • Earn 50 perks for every 5th prescription filled at Giant Eagle’s pharmacy.

So what can you buy to collect perks?

  • Groceries
  • Food
  • Prescriptions
  • Gift cards
  • Gas
  • Paper Goods

Sheree DuPratt, catering team leader at the Giant Eagle’s Portage Crossing location in Cuyahoga Falls, has already noticed the savings from customers redeeming their points for special occasions.

“I had a guest today save $78 on a catering order for a wedding reception,” said DuPratt,

At this point, the program is being tested in the Akron-Canton area. No word yet on when the program is set to expand to other locations, but store officials said the response has been positive.

“I think based on the early success of the program you’re going to see it in other locations soon,” said

Giant Eagle is offering customers two ways to redeem free points with the new program:

  • Get 100 perks for watching Giant Eagle’s video showcasing their new program at
  • Get 250 perks for downloading the grocery store’s mobile app.