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TopCashBack releases list of the top 10 tips for shopping online: how to save while you're spending from home

Things could be very different for shoppers this holiday season

CLEVELAND — According to a recent survey from TopCashBack.com, at least 81% of Americans plan to shop more online in the coming months than they have typically. 

The results show a trend favoring the stay-at-home option for shopping, especially ahead of the coming holiday season. 

In anticipation of the millions of Americans who will resort to only shopping only to purchase gifts this year, Rebecca Gramuglia, a consumer expert at TopCashBack.com has released her top 10 list of tips for shopping at home. 

1. Comparison shop: 

According to Gramuglia, comparing prices is one of the easiest ways to make sure you are getting the best deal. You may even save yourself a few dollars. 

2. Stack on the savings: 

Looking at discounted items and using coupons is only half the battle, apparently. By utilizing cashback credit cards that reward you for your purchases, you can end up doubling your deals. 

3. Install money-saving tools:

Download a browser extension that automatically finds you a coupon or promo. There are hundreds on the internet and many of them are free.

4. Join a company's email list: 

One of the quickest ways to make sure you know when a brand has a coupon or sale going on is to be on their email list. According to Gramuglia, not only will this keep you in the know, but you often get an introductory offer like 10-20% your first purchase. 

5. Use your computer and phone: 

Little known fact: companies sometimes sell items differently between their website and their app, so it always helps to keep your eyes on both. 

6. Sign up for the store’s loyalty program: 

Points may take a while to accumulate, but if you shop at a store enough, you could end up saving yourself a big chunk of change. 

7. Shop at home and pick up in-store: 

Shipping is pesky; having your order sent to you can cost you a pretty-penny on top of an already big bill. That's why the consumer expert says to order online and pick up in store. "Not only will you save on shipping costs, but you will also avoid the temptation of buying more to reach the free shipping minimum." 

8. Know when to buy: 

Planning out purchases ahead of time can make all the difference in securing a good deal. Gramuglia says that while you may not need outdoor furniture heading into fall, buying a product like that now, instead of waiting till next Spring, could end up getting you the best price. 

9. Leave your online cart: 

This one is sneaky. After you loadup your cart, leave it for a day or two before you buy anything. Companies are motivated to sell and will often send a "you forget something in your cart” email that often includes a coupon or discount code. 

10: Utilize all the online tools a retailer offers: 

According to Gramuglia, simply connecting with customer service can be a great way to secure a discount or coupon. "So rather than dismissing the pop-up live chat service, use it to haggle for a better deal." 

Happy shopping.