Every day, it seems like another retailer says they'll deliver right to your door.

Recently, our local grocer, Heinen’s, jumped in on the game, announcing a new delivery service.

We met up with Kyle Lindemann at the downtown Cleveland Heinen’s. He was on the clock and had to work fast to knock grocery items off his list.

But this list wasn’t for him.

“I've delivered to a few couples who just had a baby, the elderly. One guy just had a leg injury,” says Lindemann.

He works for Instacart. It's like Uber for grocery shopping. He uses the app to mark himself "on duty," gets shopping lists sent to him and then has two hours to get it to the customer.

“I had a corporate job and just kind of got burned out sitting behind a desk every day.”

Lindemann is shopping at Heinen’s while we talk about his life change, but consider him a middleman in the grocery delivery wars.

“I work for Amazon, I do a little bit of Lyft and Uber on the side as well.”

We asked Jeff Heinen if there was any connection between his grocery chain starting this new delivery partnership with Instacart at the same time Whole Foods announces they are teaming up with Amazon.

“It's a coincidence -- in terms of Heinen’s more of a coincidence."

Heinen and his brother run the stores, which have had to go head to head with Whole Foods opening in more locations across Northeast Ohio, and now Amazon.

“I would first agree that they were taking over the world,” says Heinen. “We are standing in downtown Cleveland who is trying to establish a retail presence. That's tough to do if Amazon is taking over 50 percent of the business.”

He admits they have to rethink their business.

“We think we can buy produce better than they can. Can they say 70 percent of their produce in the summer is local? Can they say they know who they are buying their produce from? We can. We say from ranch to retail. We know the people who are raising our beef,” says Heinen.

In a world of trends, he's hoping the desire to support local business overrides the Goliath that is Amazon.

Instacart will deliver groceries to your door for a $5.99 fee. If you want to pay for unlimited delivery for a year, that's around $160.