Many people aren’t feeling so much part of the “club” anymore after Sam’s Club closed multiple locations with little to no advance notice.

Sixty-three locations in almost 20 states were on the chopping block, including Texas, Georgia, Indiana and Ohio. (USA Today lists the cities and addresses of those stores impacted.)

The news came as a surprise for the people who worked in some of those stores because most of them walked into a sign announcing the closure, instead of their jobs.

Of course, social media was an open field of questions about current memberships and what will happen to those laid off so swiftly.

he official Sam’s Club Twitter page responded to many upset customers that the action was taken after a thorough performance review, adding “we decided to close a number of clubs and better align our locations with our strategy.”

They added that it’s never easy to close stores and they’ll be working with those impacted. In fact, they’ve told laid-off employees they will receive either a severance package or 60 days of pay.

This decision to close clubs also comes after an announcement that Walmart employees will get bonuses and raises to 11 dollars an hour starting next month.

“There’s competition from Costco’s and BJs, I don’t know, they have a lot stores so maybe they can close them,” Kathy Preston, Sam’s Club shopper, said.

Two Ohio locations in Cincinnati and Loveland suffered casualties, but no northeast Ohio locations have been named.

“They provide a lot of things that you can’t get other places, the gas,” Becky, Elyria club shopper, said. “I know when I travel that’s one of the things I look for.”

For some, it’s more than a luxury to shop at the club, it’s a necessity to meet family needs.

“I have two younger brothers and me and they eat a lot of food, so we have to buy everything in bulk and if Sam’s Club closed then we’ll be in a lot of trouble,” Taylor Docherty, Elyria shopper, said.

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