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Stedman Graham talks about new book, leadership and yes, Oprah Winfrey

'Identity Leadership' guides readers to discover who they really are and what they really love.

CLEVELAND — Stedman Graham, the New York Times best-selling author and lifetime partner to Oprah Winfrey, stopped into our studios Friday to talk about his latest book, Identity Leadership.

Stedman says once we know our individual talents, passions and skills, then we can break out of our own stereotypes and become a true leader in our families and community.

In talking to WKYC’s Maureen Kyle, he opened up about losing his own identity.

“It’s about identity as a foundation for development, and so I kind of lost mine because of my relationship with Oprah and having to be defined by my relationship and defined by race. ... It's an internal issue for me to be able to overcome that. I had to focus on the inside of who I was as a person."

One of the first chapters talks about how we should write our own obituary because then we will think about what impression we want to leave on the world.

It's his 12th book.

"I'm very blessed to have found out who I am and what I want to do and what I want to dedicate my life to."

He also addressed the presidential race in 2020 during our conversation.

“I’m endorsing every human being in the world who has the ability to impact their own environment based on where they live, to impact their own family, to impact their own community, to impact their own state, city, country based on what you bring to the table.”

The book is available on Amazon and all major book retailers.

Watch our full 10-minute interview with Graham in the player above.