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Fashion Friday: Style Q&A with 3News Style Contributor Hallie Abrams

Our staffers shared their biggest fashion quandaries, and Hallie gave her best answers!

CLEVELAND — In today's Fashion Friday, we asked our WKYC Studios staffers to pose their biggest style questions and called on our 3News Style Contributor Hallie Abrams, The Wardrobe Consultant, to help!

Question from 3News Investigator Marisa Saenz: "My fashion question is, will high-waisted pants stay in style?"

Hallie's answer: "OK, high-waisted pants — people either love them or they hate them. Visually speaking, high-waisted pants are great because they really are hitting a woman at the smallest point of her body, so it's creating an hourglass.

"I have heard rumors that low-waisted pants are coming back in. I don't think I'm going there; I've already been there and I've already done that. So, I'm committed to a high waist and possibly a mid-rise, but I don't think low waist is really going to happen. If you've already lived through it once, I don't think you're going to do it again."

Question from 3News anchor Christi Paul: "So, I've always wondered if the 'You don't wear white in the winter' still stands, especially because there are a lot of outfits out there that they sell as 'winter white.' What does that mean?"

Hallie's answer: "Christi, that was such a great question. So, the idea of wearing white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day for years, people every year people are like, 'Can I do it? Can I do it?' It's one of those old wives tales.

"You absolutely can wear white in the winter. I actually did a whole blog post on it, and the key to wearing white in the winter, it's thinking about the fabrics. So white wool, white cashmere, white corduroy, white leather, something that's a little heftier you can definitely wear all year 'round. White denim you can wear, especially when you pair it with things that are seasonally appropriate in the winter. So, let's say you did a pair of white denim and you did a camel blazer and a pair of brown boots. That would look super chic and also very appropriate."

"My note would be to stay away from lighter fabrics in the winter. Silk, it depends on what it is and how heavy it is. A silk shirt would certainly be fine. Silk pants, maybe not, but linen and eyelet I definitely would stay away from in the winter."

Question from Senior Digital Producer Dave "Dino" DeNatale: "Hey Hallie, is there anything that guys shouldn't be wearing this year? Like, any fashion faux pas for guys that you would say, 'Don't do this'?"

Hallie's answer: "So, the fashion faux pas I see with men the most is that they're not buying clothes that fit them. They're either buying things too big most often, and sometimes too small. So, I think the most important thing is to really know your size, and then — this is for men and women — get your stuff tailored. That really will make such a difference.

"It doesn't really matter how much you spend on the piece of clothing. I'd rather have somebody spend less on the actual item and then put the money into tailoring so it fits them to perfection."

In Part 2 of our Style Q&A with Hallie, our Monique Zappa, Carmen Blackwell, and Nick Camino have more questions for "The Wardrobe Consultant":

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