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Guide: 3News' Tiffany Tarpley shares advice for newly engaged couples

Love is in the air! 3News reporter & newlywed Tiffany Tarpley shares helpful tips before you tie the knot.

Tiffany Tarpley

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Published: 2:07 PM EST February 12, 2020
Updated: 2:07 PM EST February 12, 2020

No doubt, love is in the air!

Now is the time when newly engaged couples are starting to seriously think about their wedding day. According to Brides.com in 2018, 28% of people surveyed got engaged on a holiday or other special occasion.

Credit: Lavar Elliot Photography

While Valentine's Day is right around the corner (hint, hint), the publication found December was the most popular time to pop the question.

Does all of the pomp and circumstance truly matter? I guess that depends on the potential bride-to-be. Most, if not all, can agree it’s the union between two people that’s most important. But let’s face it, no matter how you choose to celebrate, that day is one you won’t ever forget.  

How will you make your day special?

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