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Tips to implement systems to ensure success with your goals

How to make sure positive changes don’t fade away

CLEVELAND — The first day of the New Year usually means people set resolutions, but many will be broken in a matter of months. Our Romney Smith reports on productivity tips that could help.

Allison Rodman is a wife, mother, author, business owner, and a Professional Learning Consultant. She’s researched adult education and productivity and knows all too well why many resolutions fail.

“I think sometimes we jump on the resolution wagon and we get some really really great ideas in place, but then when we don’t back them up with some systems and some structures they fall apart pretty quickly,” says Learning Loop Founder, Allison Rodman.

Rodman says you can be successful whether it’s trying to lose weight, stick to a new eating plan, launch a new business or be more productive with your time, but it’s too much to do everything at once.

“What are the three things that you’re going to tackle in January or during the first quarter of the new year in a way that feels manageable. So, by the time the end of March rolls around you can say “yes, I did that’. So that’s the first thing is to scale back a little bit on the number of goals that we’re going after at once,” says Rodman.

As you add goals, be thoughtful and realistic about what sacrifice it will take to accomplish.

“Also say what are you going to give up? What are you going to take away? Is it that you’re going to stop watching that show late at night so that you’ve got more time to read,” questions Rodman.

When coaching clients, Rodman says she recommends people develop a habit of scheduling out time blocks to keep up with your new goals and the steps it will take to accomplish them.

“I’ve got that block of time on the calendar that says ’this is for me and this is when I’m going to recover’ versus hey this is the time on my calendar where I now I need to do that focus work and kind of dig in,” says Rodman.

Rodman says anyone can implement systems to be more productive and her website offers free webinars and a digital course to help you maximize your time.

“How do you use your time? How do you say no to certain things but also take advantage of some of the opportunities that come your way. So it’s really intended for working professionals to make you think more carefully about the pieces that are finding their way into your daily routine,” says Rodman.

If you want to learn more:  www.thelearningloop.com

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