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Kick-start your Resolution: Health trends to start 2022

If you're looking to change up your health habits, check out these tips!

CLEVELAND — As 2022 grows near, it is nearly resolution time. One of the biggest resolutions every year: get healthy and lose weight.

We went to the experts to find out what health trends are popular going into the new year to help you kick start your resolution. To know where to start to change *your* overall health, it's important to know what's changing health and wellness on a bigger scale.

"It's historically been more of the same, which is, 'I want to lose weight, I want to get more fit,'" Alexis Supan, the Nutritional Lead at Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Institute, said. "This past year, I've seen a lot of targeted diets. So instead of just people saying 'I want to lose weight,' you have a bunch of people saying, 'I want to support my immune system' and focusing on diets do that, or, 'I want to support my brain health.'"

Supan adds she's also seeing diets centered around clearer skin, too. What names can we put to these food habits to give you a better idea of what might work for you?

"The mind diet is a really popular one; that sort of blends together the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, and it's focused a lot on brain health," Supan explained. "Intermittent fasting and keto are here to stay, in terms of ways to encourage weight loss."

Another big trend you might consider trying? Seafood. Not only is it healthy, but Supan makes the point that it's not really affected by supply chain issues due to a lower demand for it, so it's more readily available. 

When it comes to physical health, at-home workouts are really popular since COVID (think Peloton). And if you need help with your fitness journey, apps like NOOM help you track along the way. The Clinic even offers e-coaching programs via e-mail for people on the go. You can learn more about that here.

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