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These factors that contribute to resiliency can be learned: #WeKnowYouCan

People talk a lot about overcoming adversity but you don't necessarily hear about what helps you do it. These factors make a big difference in becoming resilient.
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CLEVELAND — In life, it's inevitable that we will all experience setbacks, but how we react to those challenges is what makes all the difference, and that's the focus of this week's #WeKnowYouCan conversation.

The Oxford dictionary defines resilience as "the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties," and fortunately for all of us, it's a skill that can be learned.

Throughout this learning process, we can better set ourselves up for success by focusing on the following habits, according to Leslie Riopel, MSc., a Professor of Psychology at Northwood University, in a blog post for PositivePsychololgy.com:

  • Finding a good support system
  • Seeking out and maintaining positive relationships
  • Having a good self-image
  • Keeping a positive attitude
  • Making realistic plans
  • Carrying out plans you put in place
  • Effectively managing your feelings and impulses in healthy ways
  • Having good communication skills
  • Maintaining confidence in your strengths and abilities
  • Cultivating good problem-solving skills.

Have you recently overcome something difficult in your life? Or are you in the middle of challenge right now?

Share your story with us for our #WeKnowYouCan segment, where we take a moment to offer each other #MondayMotivation to start the week off on the right foot.

This is your space to raise your hand and ask for that extra boost of inspiration to get you over that hump and on your way to greatness. 

It's also an opportunity to lift up someone else by sharing your favorite inspirational quote, giving encouragement or even shouting out someone in your life who you've noticed is putting in that extra effort to meet their goals.

Let us know what you'd like to share on our Facebook and Instagram pages, or on Twitter using #WeKnowYouCan.

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