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What parents should be telling your children about the coronavirus

Dr. Amy Acton says the ODH will offer an upcoming briefing that's generated just towards kids to help them understand what's going on with the COVID-19 pandemic.

TOLEDO, Ohio — We're all facing confusing times as of late, but don't forget about your kids when it comes to dealing with the latest on the coronavirus outbreak.

State health leaders say you have to be careful with what you tell them.

Ohio Director of Health Dr. Amy Acton wants to focus more attention on kids and how they're dealing with news of the virus.

She now says they'll have an upcoming briefing that's focused only on kids, in a way they will "hear it" and feel more at ease.

Dr. Acton says new information has just been added to the state's top website on the coronavirus.

It's full of tips on how to help your kids handle what's going on around them.

Dr. Acton started out in pediatrics before she moved on to public health and preventative medicine.

The newest information comes from the Academy of Pediatrics, from clinical psychologists.

They have a checklist for talking to your kids about the virus.

Credit: Ohio Department of Health

Things like reminding your kids that doctors and healthcare workers are learning as much as they can about the virus as quickly as possible and are doing what they can to keep everyone safe are included on the list, as well as:

  • Reassuring children that they are safe. 
  • Letting them know it is okay if they feel upset.
  • Sharing with them how you deal with your own stress so that the kids can learn how to cope.

Dr. Acton warned parents that they should be careful about the amount of media your kids are consuming about the coronavirus.

And if there are days you as a parent are anxious, forgive yourself and try again tomorrow.

"As a parent, you just got to get it good enough and you are going to have good and bad days. But kids do pick up on things we say and how we say it, take time to talk. Because as you know, they will say the things you just never thought they were picking up on," Dr. Acton said.

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