AKRON, Ohio -- Desolate.



The emptiness of Rolling Acres, Randall Park and Euclid Square malls will come to life on Abandoned, a new TV show set to air on Viceland.

Abandoned follows skateboarder Rick McCrank as he journeys into abandoned locations across the country.

The adventure begins with local photographer Seph Lawless, who says he will be featured in the series’ first episode titled when it debuts Friday, Sept. 2 at 9 p.m.

Lawless, known for capturing images of abandoned places like Rolling Acres, says the TV series opens with crews visiting his Ohio City loft -- a former shuttered building -- before scoping out Northeast Ohio’s infamous dead malls.

The episode, which is titled "Ghost Mall," was filmed last year, according to Lawless.

Rolling Acres Mall is featured a few times in Abandoned’s trailer. At the 31-second mark, McCrank is seen standing atop the overgrown split-level section of the mall. Then at 49 seconds, an aerial shot shows the barren space outside.

Lawless, meanwhile, is also visible at the 40-second point in the trailer.

In recent years, pictures from inside Rolling Acres Mall have taken social media by storm, generating global headlines and lots of memories.