Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe is an international group born out of unfortunate news no parent wants to hear.

Traci Tigue gave her son Brodie life when he was born, only to save her tiny 5-month-old son’s life again by giving him part of her liver. It was a lifesaving transplant at the Cleveland Clinic, and now the Brunswick family celebrates a huge milestone. Brodie turns 1-year-old on Saturday.

WKYC Channel 3 partnered with A Special Wish Cleveland for a well deserved surprise celebration for the Tigue family. It’s #TheGoodStuff that continues to inspire as Brodie’s Good Vibe Tribe adds yet another chapter of hope for followers worldwide

Their story has inspired many. Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe is growing by the minute, with thousands of followers on its Facebook page.

tigue family
<p>Tigue family</p>

It was a surprise meeting to celebrate a milestone.

A Special Wish Cleveland and Safe and Reliable Limo volunteered to drive the family from their home with some favorite Brodie’s Good Vibe Tribers waiting inside a surprise limo.

Next stop was SouthPark Mall, where helpers at Build a Bear thought this milestone was worth celebrating and hosted a party for them to celebrate that beautiful day he was born.

More than 40,000 people are reading and inspired by their posts.

"Getting people to that next step. To the next day or to the next hour. All parents, all of us, are going through challenges. That's life! Make the good out of what you have and love your life story," said Traci Tigue smiling from ear to ear in front of a wall of still to be stuffed bears.

Brodie chose a ninja turtle to stuff. Traci named him warrior.

The next time the Tigue's get whisked off, it will be for a dream getaway vacation when Brodie is out of the woods.

It will come compliments of a special wish Cleveland.

A Special Wish Cleveland Co-founder, Jason Beudert told the Tigues with tears in Traci’s eyes, “Your family personifies what A Special Wish is about."

"We're so happy, and he's so strong. We made it through by the loving hands of those at the Cleveland Clinic who helped us make it here," said Traci.

And the Good Vibe Tribe rolls on.

"To spread that love and good vibes and the good stuff which is what we're all about. That's it!” said Tigue.