CLEVELAND -- Five-year-old Ramon Burnett's family buried him this weekend. He was shot and killed in crossfire on Cleveland's east side.

He was buried on the same day police issued an arrest warrant in the shooting of 13-year-old Antyone Taylor.

Taylor was gunned down outside of a convenience store just days before.

Three-year-old Major Howard has become the latest young statistic. He was killed in a drive-by shooting.

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Lerone Reeves, a father of three, lives the nightmare on the east side.

"My kids asleep in their room and bullets fly through the window," said Reeves. "By inches missed my daughter's head as she slept."

For Reeves, it's another day, another shooting.

When you live on Cleveland's east side, neighbors become statistics.

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Reeves said the headlines play out right outside of their windows.

"It's got to stop," said Bishop Eugene Ward.

Ward, following in the footsteps of his father, is the pastor at Greater Love Baptist Church on East 116th Street.

He skipped the community meetings the city called this weekend and is calling for his neighborhood to step up.

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"The mother has to go out there on the corner and get her kid and say, 'You are not selling drugs on our street. You're not selling drugs around the block.' We can do that. We've got to take ownership of that," said Bishop Ward. 

While the city tries to turn the tide on the wave of deadly violence that's washing over the city, Bishop Ward lives and breathes it.

Pointing to a string of vacant, crumbling homes, he said we have to dig deeper.

"It's jobs. It's recreation. It's education," said Bishop Ward. 

Antyone Taylor's mother, Sophia Greathouse, is not waiting.

She's moving from the East 117th Street neighborhood where she grew up, taking her kids anywhere but there.

Channel 3 News caught up with Ramon Burnett's mom, Rachel, who is pregnant. She said she is also moving out of the neighborhood where Ramon was shot and killed.

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"Too many of us are giving up the fight," said Bishop Ward. "I live here, I'm not going anywhere. This is my town."

Reeves is not going anywhere either, and he musters a smile when he takes a page from the pastor's book.

"...Because I still love Cleveland," said Reeves. 

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