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Transforming young lives through baseball

Perseverance through adversity is ingrained in baseball.

Perseverance through adversity is ingrained in baseball.

And it's a life lesson the Cleveland Indians want young baseball and softball players to learn.

Minute Men Staffing Services is joining the Indians as a community partner, along with MCPc, Mo Vaughn Transport and Victory Park Ohio, to help transform young lives.

Together, they share a vision to change the youth in Cleveland through baseball.

But with the decline in youth baseball and softball participation, the benefits the sport offers can't touch as many lives.

Research shows the decline is related to the quality of coaching and experience with the sport.

To improve coaching, the Indians partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance. They provide workshops and resources.

But the players hold the real power, especially when they step off the field.

Yan Gomes returns with the "Fields for the Future" program, which fixes fields in poor condition. And new programs this year include "Kluber's Kids" and the "Lindor Smile Squad."