If you build it on beer, they will come.

It's a mantra that has served a key part of Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood well.

In 2008, Market Garden Brewery owner Sam McNulty snapped a ghost town picture of the iconic West Side Market corner of West 25th Street.

He and his business partner were literally tossing a football up and down the street.

But now Ohio City's revitalization is so successful, it's spreading.

Economic development is taking root beyond the borders of the neighborhood that beer built.

"It's the underlying fuel for Ohio City's renaissance," said McNulty.

It’s like it's contagious, this growth that's off and running in this city on the rise.

It’s brewing around the building blocks of six Ohio City craft breweries and three more are on the way.

Today, the smell of success smells like hops. McNulty said it’s the economic engine of craft beer brewing.

"There are restaurants, bars, breweries, coffee shops, retail, grocery stores, the Westside Market and housing density all within a small area," said McNulty.

Dense and vibrant, he said, it is classic, good urban planning.

"Commercial and residential real estate has largely been gobbled up," said McNulty.

Now, the renaissance rolls on. The proof is just down the road.

The Lofts of Lion Mills are taking shape at the intersection of West 25th Street and Meyer Avenue.

Signs of new life are already on the dilapidated factory in the form of new windows.

McNulty says it’s the “node” effect.

"On one side of West 25th Street you have Ohio City. On the other side, you have the MetroHealth neighborhood. You take those two nodes and you connect them and you have a long corridor of dense development," said McNulty.

There is more ground broken already just down the street from the Lofts at Lion Mills, for commercial development.

Median home values in Ohio City shot up 800 percent since 2000, according to Ohio City Inc.

So it makes sense that affordable housing on the fringe is on the way.