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New boutique in Hudson draws inspiration from popular TV show, Schitt’s Creek

Orange Rose Apothecary is home to tons of local and national brands that are all clean and eco- friendly.

HUDSON, Ohio — "Oh my God." 

It's a popular phrase used by Dan Levy's character, David Rose, on the hit TV show, "Schitt's Creek." But it's also the reaction people have walking into Hudson's latest boutique, Orange Rose Apothecary, which is inspired by the show. 

"We are a general store, but a very specific store. So I have a little bit of everything," explained Andrea Pierce-Naymon, the owner and operator of Orange Rose. 

Pierce-Naymon is the face behind Oy-l,  a natural, plant-inspired skincare brand that according to its tagline, brings you beauty without secrets.

She began making her products six years ago after her daughter began struggling with what they now know to be a chronic illness.

"I started looking at labels and wondering if there was something going on her body or in her body that was really making her sick," Pierce-Naymon explained.

Credit: Kierra Cotton, 3News

While her daughter’s disease wasn’t dermatological, her experiment turned into a full-blown business.

Pierce-Naymon says she got her start in her kids' playroom in the basement of her home, mixing her recipes and selling them to friends and family members.

"I took the air hockey table, covered it, put all my oils and mixer bowls and everything in there, and just went to work," she explained. 

Soon after, she met a chemist that introduced her to Bounce Innovation Hub in Akron, where within a week she signed a lease and has been selling her products there. 

But during the pandemic, like so many of us, she had more time on her hands and was looking to expand her business. That's when she started to binge-watch "Schitt’s Creek" and inspiration struck.

Credit: Kierra Cotton, 3News

"It's about inclusion and making everybody feel comfortable. And that's kind of what I wanted here. I wanted a safe place where people could feel supported," said Pierce-Naymon. 

And that’s exactly what she created. Her new space in Hudson is home to tons of local and national brands that are all clean and eco-friendly.

Whether you’re in the market for skincare, candles, or even jam, Andrea wants people to know that just because you're going clean, doesn’t mean settling for less.

"Clean products are not what they used to be. It's, they're very luxurious now," Pierce-Naymon explained. 

As they continue to get settled in the new space, she wants to welcome the community in for events like paint and sips and skincare clinics for men, just to name a few.

"We're here to support the community and hopefully make new friends and hopefully spread the word that there is a way to be sustainable," she explained. 

Credit: Kierra Cotton, 3News

Orange Rose Apothecary is located at 51 S. Market Street in Hudson. For more information, click here

*Editor's Note: The video in the player above is from a previous report.