We're all strapped for time these days.   

Sometimes, that means putting off getting your car serviced. Or maybe waiting until the last minute to fill up your gas tank.

But a new service, co-founded by Nick Alexander from Kent, is bringing the garage directly to you.

And it’s something Northeast Ohio resident Susan Kennedy jumped on. Not only does she hate standing outside in the cold pumping gas, she doesn’t have the time to do it.

"I work full time. I have 2 kids. And I pick them up from a grandparent each night. So, I don't really want to have to stop at a gas station if I don’t have to," she says.
That’s why she subscribed to Yoshi, which in Japanese means ‘Good Luck. Keep Moving’.

For $16 dollars a month, she gets regular or premium gas delivered right to her car, wherever she wants and as often as she wants.

The cost per gallon? The same as the lowest priced station in her zip code.

And Yoshi Co-Founder Bryan Frist tells us, "We're the cheapest, but probably the highest quality. One of our largest investors is Exxon mobile. And when they invested, we committed to carrying only their Top Tier Synergy fuel."

Now, if that's not enough to get your engine going, the price per gallon drops if you get additional services.

They have a number of a la carte offerings: Everything from interior and exterior car washes, to a complete detail, which earns you a free tank of gas.

And if you need maintenance, they can do things like change your oil, even replace worn wiper blades.

"Let's say you get your tire checked, for example, you get 20 cents off your per gallon price," Frist explains.

The company claims its average customer saves $240 dollars on gas per year, and gains back about 33 hours of time.

Frist says, "You can imagine the last time you went to get your oil changed, you’re sitting inside a grungy room waiting. All that time you can get back."

And anything that keeps Susan from hitting empty at an inopportune time is worth it.

"At the very beginning I was given a $25 credit. So, that I would get $5 dollars off every tank of gas I got. So, the first month I was making money and I still haven't pumped gas."

The company is offering a 30 day free trial. New customers get a $50 credit, which is basically $10 off your first 5 fill ups.

And here’s a fun fact. All of their trucks are named for people involved in the business. That includes one called Kevin, for NBA star Kevin Durant.

Yoshi operates in 20 cities across the country and plans to expand. They also have corporate clients who offer Yoshi as a benefit to their employees.

For more information, click here: https://www.startyoshi.com/