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I did it! I've finally lowered my home energy bill by more than 30 percent. In my quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, I have eight simple (but not so obvious) suggestions to share.

Click the play button to see what I did inside my home.

#8 - Don't crank your AC for those isolated hot spots in your home! If a bedroom or guest room is hot while the main floor of your home is cold, don't crank the dial. Reinforce the cool air in the rooms that need it most instead of having your entire central air conditioning system over-compensate. The top deal of the year on a portable air conditioner can be found right here.

#7 - Keep that fridge or freezer full! That food inside acts as insulation and lessens the amount of energy your fridge or freezer needs to stay cold. You'll be amazed how quickly the energy savings appear and by how much they add up when you keep your fridge full.

#6 Use energy efficient cookware. You'd be surprised to see just how much energy is wasted in the kitchen. The top energy-efficient cookware set we tested this season is on sale and its engineering allows for better heat distribution and significantly faster cooking times. Your savings right here are $100 right off the bat!

#5 Shut off the heating mode on your dishwasher. Doing your dishes overnight not only imparts energy savings — in many communities, it costs less to run an appliance overnight — but the dishes can dry on their own in a much more energy-efficient way.

#4 Watch out for phantom power throughout your home. Invest in a surge protector like one of these or get a monitoring device. In some cases, this can eliminate almost 75 percent of the "mystery" energy used within your home. My favorite surge protectors are these power towers.

#3 Get a home energy audit. This service is often available for free or for a nominal fee. An expert can make suggestions, help examine insulation issues and other problems not visible to an untrained eye.
When I had my home energy audit, the technician recommended dimmer switches, which is my number two suggestion.

#2 Don't let your lights work to their full potential. Most of your lights are overworking and if you don't have highly efficient LED fixtures, dimmer switches can make a world of difference. The savings are extreme and they will add up over time despite the inconvenience of having to install some new switches.

#1 Get a smart home thermostat! A smart WiFi thermostat is not just for convenience or so you can yell at your Echo or Google Home to adjust temperatures on your behalf. These smart systems can determine when you're home, when you're on vacation and even alter the household temperature when the thermostat senses your commute home is underway. My favorite thermostats are the Ecobee, many of which are on sale today right here.

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