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BUY IT NOW: $30 Off New iClever SmartID Quick Charging Power Bank + Free Shipping

It’s faster than a wall outlet, smarter than any power bank I’ve tested and ideal for those on the go.

The smartest charger on the market can easily charge two iPads, tablets or smartphones simultaneously and give you two additional days of battery life.

Ideal for Labor Day travel or as a back-up generator, the iClever smart power bank can also be your best friend in an emergency situation. We've all been there: that battery goes dead before you can send the text telling your family where you are. In the event of a storm or a situation where you don't have electricity for a period of time, this is a no-brainer bargain. It also has a handy emergency LED torch light built in to the power bank!

The new iClever Powerbank uses SmartID technology to identify the maximum charging speed for hundreds of different devices including phones and tablets by Apple, Samsung and others running Android.

Click the play button to see the crazy balance between power and portability tied to this power bank.

Reasons to buy the iClever smart power bank

  • Ideal for back to school
  • Emergency essential for any commuter or new driver
  • Charges your tech faster than a wall outlet
  • Prevents overcharging and battery damage
  • Identifies the device you are charging for maximum speed
  • High-power capacity: delivers fast charging speed
  • Will give you an additional two days of use or up to six full charges smartphone charges
  • Dual input charging allows for two simultaneous iPad, tablet or smartphone charges
  • Lowest-recorded price
  • Top performing power bank we tested on the market in this price range

The iClever smart power bank is on sale


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