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BUY IT NOW: $30 Off Tekjoy Shiatsu Massage Chair System + Free Shipping

Where does it hurt? Your neck, your lower back, your shoulders? If you are reading this, chances are you're one of the many people in our viewing area who have some type of isolated or chronic pain. If you simply want to relax or you've never been able to afford a massage chair, today is your day.

In my quest to save you cash and test the greatest tech, one price drop is not only chiropractor- and physical-therapist recommended, it's the lowest price you'll see this season.

I test dozens of massage products per year, many of which are dominant at CES in Las Vegas. What separates this massage unit from the others is the nodes. Not all massage nodes are created equal! The nodes or "massage hands" tied to the Tekjoy Massage chair feel the most similar to actual human hands.

The additional customizable heat modes plus the hip massage feature round out this top price drop today.

Click the play button to watch today's major deal in action.

Features of the Tekjoy Shiatsu Massage Chair System:

  • 3D Shiatsu and deep-kneading massage modes
  • Program functions allow you to target your upper, lower or whole back
  • Specialized vibrating hip massage function
  • Heat function helps further release knots and ease tension
  • Timer modes with intensity control from remote
  • One of the top-rated massage brands in the world
  • Lowest-recorded price today
  • Comes with car adapter for passenger use
  • Warm soothing massage mode replicates hot stone massage
  • Top massage system ever available under $100

$40 Off Tekjoy Shiatsu Massage Chair System + Free Shipping

Was: $129.99

Now: $89.99


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