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So you want to dress like it's 1994, which seems trendy right now. Maybe you took note of the Steve Madden platform sandals that are generating discussion online today, then realized you couldn't afford the $70 price tag. Perhaps you pondered this deal on banana clips, but decided those were too '80s. 

It may have left you shaking your head and wondering why more popular retailers aren't offering sections of their websites dedicated to affordable '90s fashions.

Well we have some good news for you: Amazon has a page for that. The '90s fashion page is a curated list of 14 vintage and vintage-inspired items you can buy now.

In need of a classy suspender skirt? You can click here to buy it from Amazon for $21.88-$23.99.

How about vintage wash denim overalls? They're available for $29.90-$39.90.

And of course, a '90s wardrobe isn't complete without a choker, which you can get for $6.99.

Click here for the full list of products.


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