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BUY IT NOW: $30 Off Q-Charger Wireless Mobile Phone Holder + Free Delivery

Why didn't someone think of this before? In my quest to save you time and money, today two of my favorite car gadgets combine into one.

An adjustable smartphone holder that allows you to use your phone as a navigation unit and safely answer calls in hands-free mode while streaming your music would cost around $30 on its own.

A wireless fast-charging smartphone charger with Q-charge technology would be another $30 at least.

Today, a universal smartphone mount that will wirelessly quick-charge your tech is $29.99 and the ultimate back-to-school or commuting deal.

For new students on the road who need some hands-free encouragement, parents with charging needs or really just anyone tired of carrying around cables, the Q-Charger is the top grab.

iPhone and Android cables create more wear and tear on your phone ports and the cables themselves need constant replacement. The benefit of the Q-Charger is you get the extra fast charging but you don't need to keep unplugging and re-adjusting your phone. The charger simply turns on with your ignition through an included DC adapter. Click the play button to watch this function in my car!

The Q-charger would also work great on a desk or counter since the phone mount is portable and ready for any surface.

Features of the Q-Charger Wireless Mobile Phone Holder

  • Instant-on wireless Q-Charger for home and car!
  • Works with any smarthphone that supports QI wireless charging
  • iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung and many other recent smartphones are QI-enabled
  • Ditch the lightning and micro USB charging cables
  • Mounts to dash, windshield, desk and many other surfaces
  • Extremely powerful suction adhesive works in all climates and stays stuck!
  • Lowest-recorded price today

$30 Off Q-Charger Wireless Mobile Phone Holder + Free Delivery

Was: $59.99

Now: $29.99


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