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BUY IT NOW: $100 off Pur-Sonic Smart Toothbrush with free shipping

I am infatuated with smart tech and, any time a smart invention can make your smile brighter, prevent oral cancer and eliminate tooth decay, I'm on board!

My favorite bargain today was the best-selling electric toothbrush on both Prime Day and Black Friday 2018. I use it every day and it helps keep my teeth looking perfect. Yes — actually perfect.

I don't bring a lot to the table. I have zero upper arm strength and some slightly oversized facial features, but one thing I do have is perfect teeth. I have no cavities at 33 years of age and a bright white camera-ready smile despite all of the bubble tea I drink. If you are a coffee fanatic, enjoy wine, have ever smoked or drink tea, chances are your teeth could use some help.

This smart toothbrush has detection capabilities to identify plaque build-up and cavity-prone areas of your mouth, and it comes with effective new stain removal technology. It also knows when you're bushing too hard.

To make matters even more exciting, this no. 1 dentist-recommended smart electric toothbrush only needs to be charged once over the course of a six-month period.

Imagine having a brighter smile and fresher breath for Valentine's Day while also preventing tooth decay and oral cancer — all for under $80.

Click the play button to see this toothbrush and my smile up close! 

Features of the Pur-Sonic Smart Toothbrush:

  • The longest-lasting and most effective sonic toothbrush on the market
  • Guaranteed tooth protection, plaque elimination and fresh breath
  • Includes new stain removal technology (not seen in the 2016 or 2017 model)
  • Gently whitens while removing stains
  • Pulsating gum care mode prevents tooth decay and oral cancer
  • Smart tooth coach makes each brushing a success
  • No. 1 dentist-recommended electric toothbrush
  • Fully waterproof
  • Ultra quiet
  • 40,000 brush strokes per minute
  • Incredibly long battery life (three to six months depending on model)
  • 12-month worry free guarantee
  • Includes smart timers

BUY IT NOW: $100 off Pur-Sonic Smart Toothbrush with free shipping
Was: $169.99
Now: $69.99
**New color options available for 2019


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